Vacation Rental Policies

Please review our Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions below. Terms are subject to change and are updated accordingly. If you booked direclty on our website, these terms are noted in the "Terms & Conditions" box prior to booking finalization. Please contact us with any questions at 1-888-897-2627

Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions


Please thoroughly review these terms prior to booking. All occupants will be bound by these terms and conditions. Please do not proceed with booking if you or anyone in your party is not comfortable with these policies. Guest agrees to compensate StayCoastal Vacations (Manager) for all items specified and in consideration for booking/use of the Vacation Rental Property (Property).


StayCoastal Vacations


Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions

Our vacation homes are carefully curated to meet and exceed guest expectations. Please keep in mind that this property may be located at a community with year-round residents. To remain respectful of these residents and visitors, all occupants will be bound by the following terms and conditions.

 Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

 Check-In time is: 3:00 pm (varies by unit)

Check-Out time is: 10:00 am


Arrival after 5:00 pm

We require a minimum 24-hour notification should your plans require an arrival after 5:00 pm. The North Coast Village Patrol office will be notified of your arrival and will check your party in.


Late Check-Out

Please note late check-out is not available during the Summer rental season.

Outside of the Summer rental season, late check-out must be previously arranged in writing with the Manager a minimum of 7 days prior to your arrival. Our Turnover Team adheres to a strict cleaning schedule to prep the properties for incoming guests. A fee of $75/hour fee will be charged for each hour (or portion thereof) past the check-out time.


Early Check-In

Please note early check-in is not permitted.

 Check-Out Cleaning Procedures

Our Guests can expect the property to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each arrival and after each departure.  As such, Guests should leave the property in the same general condition found at check-in. This includes:

  • All trash removed from the property and disposed of in the appropriate community receptacles
  • Soiled dishes placed in the dishwasher with a wash cycle started
  • Furniture placed back into original locations
  • The refrigerator is to be left free of perishable food
  • All lights and fans turned off
  • Bedding to be left on the beds
  • Soiled towels to be placed in the bathtubs
  • All provided keys returned to the HOA key drop or property lockbox, when applicable.


 At the time of reservation booking, a standard cleaning fee is charged. However, if the check-out procedures are not followed and/or the home is left in such a state where additional cleaning is required, Guest will be billed at an additional $100 per hour of extra cleaning. Any missing key sets will be billed to the Guest at a rate of $55. ANY trash left in the unit will result in an additional charge of $100. Excessively soiled towels will be charged a minimum of $50.

 Maximum Occupancy

 Guests shall not exceed the maximum occupancy posted for each property. An occupancy that exceeds the listed amount will be enforced at $100/ day, per guest over the limit, in addition to a $500 HOA fine (if applicable). All occupant names and ages must be disclosed to the Manager prior to booking.

 Payment Terms

  • All reservation charges are noted at the “Check-Out” page of the website or channel you are booking through. Guests must agree to all outlined charges prior to submitting a reservation. Add-on fees for extra services are provided/charged separately.
  • A 25% Reservation Deposit payment is due at booking (applied to the total balance) if booking on our website and with no additional Traveler Service fees. 50% Reservation Deposit for stays of 14 nights or greater.
  • A  30% Reservation Deposit payment is due at booking (applied to the total balance) if booking on the HomeAway/VRBO site PLUS extra Traveler Service fees. 50% Reservation Deposit for stays of 14 nights or greater.
  • The remaining balance is due 45 days prior to check-in for stays less than 14 nights, and 60 days prior to check-in for stays more than 14 nights
  • For unique properties, a Refundable Security Deposit will be charged (and is disclosed) at the time booking. The Refundable Security Deposit varies from $500 to 45% of the rental cost. Please inquire with the manager with any questions.
  • If the first payment is not received and approved within 24 hours of booking, the reservation will be canceled out of our system without a refund. We will email a notification of a declined or missing payment prior to cancellation.


 We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and valid e-checks. The initial payment must be made with a valid credit card. This card must remain valid during the entire length of the reservation. A Guest may use a different card for payment but must supply the applicable information in their Guest Portal account.

  Damage Insurance, Registration Fee & Cleaning Fee 

  • A non-refundable Damage Waiver fee is applied to all booked reservations*
  • A non-refundable Booking Fee is applied to all booked reservations
  • A non-refundable Cleaning Fee is applied to all reservations*

 Damage Waiver – Details *

 The Damage Waiver applies to accidental damages and excessive wear/tear during a Guests’ stay up to, but not exceeding $500. Prior to check-out, Guests must notify the Manager of any damages and/or breakages. If items are missing or the Manager deems damage to the items was intentional or negligent and/or not reported, the Damage Waiver will not apply. The Damage Waiver does not apply to items stolen or lost. Guests are responsible for replacement or repair costs exceeding $500. Manager will use the credit card on file to recover such costs. If the credit card is deemed invalid (i.e. “declined”) the Guest is required to supply a new method of payment within 48 hours of notification. Please notify Management via email PRIOR to check-out of any accidental damage at: .  This fee is refundable if the reservation is in a refundable status.

  The Booking Fee ensures the home is stocked with basic cleaning supplies, stay-amenities, extra paper products (paper towels, toilet paper), and provides secure 24/7 booking support and services.

 The Registration Fee (also known as Administrative Fee) is applied for the convenience of 24-hour check-in services. An additional $30 charge is processed if any of the following apply if your arrival date is within 48-hours of when the booking is made.

*The Cleaning Fee covers the cleaning and preparation of the unit post every guest departure. We maintain the highest cleaning standards in our area. This is a non-refundable/non-negotiable charge.

 Property Inspections

 All problems, including inadequate cleaning and damage, must be reported to the Manager within 24 hours of arrival in order for the prior guest to be held accountable. This includes disrepair of furniture, furnishings, appliances, and fixtures. The Manager will make every effort to notify the Guest prior to entering the unit to affect the necessary inspections, repairs, and maintenance. The manager will not be held responsible for cleaning concerns not communicated within the first  24 hours.

 Travel Insurance 

 Travel insurance is available from Travel Guard, to learn more CLICK HERE or by calling Travel Guard at 877.249.5376 and referencing agent # 334918. This agent number is critical to ensure your reservation with StayCoastal Vacations, is covered. No refunds will be provided by the Manager for early departures, delayed arrivals, inclement weather, and reduction in nights reserved or for any reason outside of our explicit control. 

 Cancellation and Refunds

 Notice of cancellation must be received via email from the Guest. Guest is responsible to ensure the notification is received.

 For reservations, less than 14 nights:

  • If cancellation occurs prior to the 30-day final payment due date, the guest will be refunded the amount paid less the Booking Fee.
  • If cancellation occurs after the 30-day final payment date, the full amount paid is non-refundable.


For reservations, greater than 14 nights:

  • If cancellation occurs prior to the 60-day final payment due date, guest will be refunded the amount paid less a $50 Cancellation Fee
  • If cancellation occurs after the 60-day final payment date, the full amount paid is non-refundable.

Non-Refundable Stays:

  • Stays are non-transferable and cannot be rescheduled.
  • Guests are advised to purchase travel insurance to offset non-refundable stays.
  • Override requests for non-refundable stays will only be considered if the guest is willing to postpone their stay within 6 months due to the following reasons: > > Death in the family or other major health issue prohibiting travel 
  • Life-threatening event preventing the guest from making the trip
  • If request is approved then a one-time administrative change fee of $200 will be applied to the reservation and required to be paid upfront.

Partially Refundable Stays:

  • Stays can be moved anytime before the reservation is fully paid. Any difference in rates will be collected. 
  • A $25 change fee is applied, which is refundable if the guest purchases travel insurance before the final payment date.
  • If a guest cancels, they will receive a refund for the amount paid, less the Admin fee.

*COVID-19 stay restrictions & Update to Cancellation

  • Should the Property you are renting be under stay restrictions and unavailable for leisure use the following refunds and credits apply:
    • If the reservation is not paid in full when a stay restriction is announced, you may cancel penalty-free up until your final payment due date.
    • If the reservation is paid in full when a stay restriction is announced, you will have a credit on-file to use at a later date when travel is permitted. The credit would first be applied to the originally booked unit. If that unit is not available on your newly selected dates, the credit may be applied to a different unit in our inventory. There will not be change fees applied, however, should there be a cost difference, the guest is responsible for the difference if the change results in a higher total. If the change results in a lower total, the guest is entitled to a refund for the difference.
    • If the guest does not wish to postpone the stay, no refund will be provided.

No refunds will be provided for: early departures, delayed arrivals, inclement weather, reduction in nights reserved for any reason, natural disasters, pests, construction, acts of God, pandemics, or ruined expectations due to work or family emergencies or any under any circumstances outside of our explicit control.

 Noise & Surveillance

Please keep the volume of your voices and activity to a reasonable level. Quiet hours are enforced from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. Any notification to the Manager of noise disturbances will be enforced to the maximum extent including fines ($100+) and/or termination of occupancy.

Guests are requested to be mindful of our neighbors during their stay. The property's quiet hours are in place to ensure that you and our whole community can enjoy a restful night's sleep. We are dedicated to protecting our guests and neighbors from bothersome levels of noise. In an effort to do so, this property is equipped with NoiseAware technology. NoiseAware is 100% privacy compliant and is required on this property.

In order to maintain a great relationship with our neighbors and communities, we have video surveillance on select properties. The security cameras are on the exterior (entry) of the home and may/may not have a smart doorbell.


 Manager acknowledges and Guest accepts, the properties in the coastal region may have common insects from time to time. This includes but is not limited to: common ants, spiders, silverfish, houseflies, roaches etc. Manager acknowledges and Guest accepts, the properties are pest-treated periodically and common household insecticides are provided in the property to remediate intermittent occurrences of said insects. Because of the preventative steps taken by the Manager, no refunds will be provided in the event said insects are encountered on the property or on-site. If notified by the Guest of the presence of these insects, the Manager will provide it's best efforts to assist with pest control during the Guest's stay. 

 No parties, weddings or other large event

 Guest acknowledges that no parties, weddings or large events are to take place on the property. Any notification or discovery of prohibited events will result in immediate termination of this agreement and guests will be subject to immediate eviction without refund.

10. No parties, weddings or other large event. Guests must agree to City of Oceanside Good Neighbor Policy   Guest acknowledges that no parties, weddings or large events are to take place on the property. Any notification or discovery of prohibited events will result in immediate termination of this agreement and guests will be subject to immediate eviction without refund. The City of Oceanside has established a Good Neighbor Policy that all Short-term rental operators and guests must adhere to. This is in addition to our standard Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions (here).    Please review the policy carefully in this link:   Important Guest Responsibilities to note:   STR Guest Responsibilities   Parking -Vehicles shall be parked in garage, driveway, and on-site designated parking spaces whenever possible. Please avoid parking on street if on-site parking is available. No vehicles shall be parked on a designated fire lane nor block or restrict access to adjacent properties.   Occupancy- The maximum number of occupants shall be two adults per bedroom plus two people per unit (including children).   Daytime Guests- The maximum number of daytime guests allowed in a STR unit shall be 10 guests, regardless of bedroom count. Daytime guests are allowed between 7am and 10pm.    Noise- Any disturbing, excessive, or offensive noises as defined in Section 38.17 of the Oceanside City Code shall be prohibited between the hours of 10pm and 10am. Revised 01/16   NO PARTIES are allowed! Discovery of parties outside of the occupancy limits will be forced to disperse and depart the property immediately and without refund.


 The properties located at North Coast Village are equipped with working, gas fireplaces. The fireplaces operate seasonally. The North Coast Village HOA "turns on" gas to the fireplace from Nov 1 and "turns off" the gas to the fireplace on June 1st, no exception. When lit, the fireplace will have a small pilot flame. This is normal. The properties also have wall heaters that work year-round.  No refunds will be provided if a Guest stays during the non-operational time period of the fireplaces and wishes to use the fireplace. 


 All rates are subject to change until the reservation is finalized. We make every effort to display accurate rental rates on our marketing channels and website. No refunds will be given in the event of advertised rental rates are reduced. In the event a discrepancy arises between rates quoted verbally, on our website or otherwise, Manager will have sole discretion to cancel, adjust or limit reservations accordingly. Additionally, a guest may not book on a channel partner (e.g. HomeAway) and cancel/rebook directly with the manager for the same stay.

 Responsible Party

 The Guest booking the reservation must be at least 25 years of age, is considered the Responsible Party and will be present during the entire reservation. If requested, Guests and occupants must present valid government I.D. The Responsible Party assumes liability for the actions of all occupants and their guests. The Responsible Party must ensure children are supervised at all times. Guest agrees to comply with all homeowner and community association rules and regulations regarding the use of the property and common areas.

 Smoking Prohibited

 All properties are non-smoking properties and smoking (tobacco, marijuana etc.). Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the units, on the balconies, and on the grounds of North Coast Village. The HOA imposed violation is $50/incident and will be the responsibility of the guest. Guests are required to smoke off-property. If any evidence of smoking is discovered during or after your stay, a $500 remediation charge will be applied to the reservation plus additional cleaning fees.

 Smoke Detectors/ Carbon Monoxide Detector

 Our properties are equipped with smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector. Guest agrees to notify the Manager if detectors are missing, chirping or indicating the need for battery replacement.

 Air Conditioning

 If the property you are renting from the Manager is located on North Coast Village, please be advised that Air Conditioning (AC) is not provided in the units as a built-in feature. Standalone fans and ceiling fans are provided for added comfort. However, the Manager recognizes some Guests require or have a need for, AC. The following considerations and terms are provided. Please note the charges outlined below are solely enacted to cover the significant increases in utility costs incurred by the Property Owner as a result of AC usage:


  • A portable AC can be requested at least 14 days prior to arrival (extremely limited quantity, first come first serve basis, no guarantee of availability)
  • A one-time service/setup charge of $65 will be billed to Guest. This fee is waived if Guest provides own portable AC unit. Guest is required to confirm with Manager via photo (email or text) of the Guest provided AC unit within 24-hours of arrival. If confirmation is not received, then the waiver does not apply.
  • Guest is solely responsible for setup and removal of the guest-supplied portable AC unit
  • A charge of $150 will be billed for every 7 nights of usage
  • Any damages (including remediation costs) resulting from the use of a portable AC unit is billed to the guest in full. The Security Damage Waiver fee does not apply to AC damages.


 Pets are not allowed in our properties unless noted otherwise in the property descriptions. Discovery of pets within the property is grounds for Guest and/or pet eviction without refund, a violation charge of $100 and all HOA-issued fines. Guest will be responsible for all costs incurred to remediate the property including (but not limited to) pet allergen remediation, flea remediation, carpet, and upholstery cleanings. This does not apply to certified Service Animals. Emotional Support animals are not allowed. If staying in a unit at North Coast Village, all Service Animals must be registered with the HOA, prior to arrival. 

For the properties that allow dogs, nightly pet rent of $15 and an additional cleaning fee of $80 will be charged. All dogs must be taken off-premise to do their business. Prior to final payment, proof of current flea treatment is required. Please inquire with any questions. 


 Television (s)/Cable/Internet/Telephone services may be provided as an added (free) convenience for our guests. No refund of rents will be provided for outages, lack of content, speed, access issues, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regards to service. If Telephone services are provided, Guest agrees to reimburse Manager for any long-distance telephone calls (if not already provided) or collect calls occurring during the reservation. Pay per view channels are NOT provided free of charge. Any purchased pay-per-view channels will be billed directly to the guest.

 Balcony (if applicable)


Please refrain from hanging towels, bathing suits, water toys and/or other items over the balcony ledges. The North Coast Village HOA strictly enforces this and will cite the Property Owner a fee. This fee will in turn be passed on to the Guest at the Guest’s expense.

 Window Safety – Window opening limitation devices

*Applicable to 3rd floor properties located at North Coast Village only*  If the property you are renting is located on the 3rd floor of any building located at North Coast Village e.g. B-300, D-300, G-300, G-301, G-314 etc.  please note the upper level, exterior-facing windows have window opening limitation devices installed. This is to ensure the safety of all inhabitants and should not be tampered with. These safety devices will allow the windows to be opened a maximum of 4 inches. Management will deem any evidence of tampering or attempted removal of these devices, as willful negligence by the Guest. All remedies or claims of personal injury or loss due to Guest removal or tampering of such devices, will not be honored.  Only in the event of an emergency, should the window opening limitation devices be removed by an adult.

 Window screens disclosure

The window screens installed at our properties are for residential purposes but will not stop a small child or person, from falling through with force. Guests should exercise good sense and sound judgement when operating all windows. Guests are required to immediately report any window screens that appear damaged or in disrepair to management. Proper steps will be taken by Management to repair or remedy the window screens in question.


All properties may have one (or more) assigned parking spaces, garage parking and/or off street parking. Please reference your reservation documents for detailed parking information.


Applicable to North Coast Village only

 If the property you are renting is located in North Coast Village, please be advised the parking structures allow for entry of vehicles measuring 6 ½ Ft in Height and 21 Ft in Length. Trailers, backing in to spaces or mechanical work is not allowed and strictly enforced by the HOA. Guest is liable for all HOA enforced parking violations. No refunds will be given if vehicles do not fit into the designated space and/or parking garage.

Should you need additional parking, please request a 24-hour parking permit from the North Coast Village HOA office. This permit will allow you to park in any designated 24-hour parking space. However, the vehicle must be moved once during the 24-hour period to avoid a violation of $50. Please do not leave valuables in your parked vehicles. Manager is not liable for lost or stolen personal items left in your vehicle.

Public Parking- last option: If all temporary 24-hour spaces are taken, you may park for free overnight at the Public Lot #20. Please note the parking permit must be face-up on the dashboard and either a day pass must be purchased or the vehicle moved.

 Oceanside Harbor Dredging

Annually between April and May (and/or other pre-determined times during the year) the Oceanside Harbor undergoes a process called "dredging". This is facilitated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and is critical to sustaining our beaches and proper depth of the Oceanside Harbor. During this time, visitors and residents will witness large pipes along the coast of North Coast Village. These pipes pump sand from the mouth of the Oceanside Harbor and on to the neighboring beaches. Please be patient as some noise can be heard during this process. No refunds will be given for any stays during these activities as this serves as notice to our guests. Properties are priced accordingly for any inconvenience. Please see more information on the dredging projects at:

Pool Safety   Some properties may have a private pool and jacuzzi. Guests must abide by all pool rules provided in their property guides. For those properties with a private pool, there are mandated pool alarms for the sliding doors. These alarms alert for any occupants entering the pool "area" and are triggered when opening the sliding door. Any tampering, or removal of batteries disclaims the manager or property owner from any liability for bodily harm or death that occurs from using the property's pool and/or jacuzzi.   If the property you are renting has a pool then there is a $95/night booking charge. After booking, guests will be requested and required to provide our staff with the number of nights needed for pool heat. Note, that guests will be billed retroactively if heating functions were used without prior approval. 

 Personal Property Loss

 All Guests are solely responsible for their personal items left at the Property. Manager is not responsible for lost, stolen or abandoned items. Guests are responsible for the shipping cost of left items plus an additional administrative fee of $25. Should a Guest not claim their items within 30 days, said items will be disposed of.

 Restrictions on Property Use

Guests are prohibited to engaging in any activity that violates local, state, or federal laws, or California Insurance rules and regulations. Violation of this term will result in immediate eviction without refund. Guest will be liable for all damage to the Property, contents and grounds.

 Hold Harmless


The Guest and all occupants shall indemnify and hold harmless the Manager and property owner against any and all claims of personal injury, property damage or loss that are otherwise out of the Manager’s control.

 Sale of Property


If the Property is actively listed for sale, the Manager will make all reasonable efforts to contact the Guest should a scheduled showing be required.  We will only enter the property upon explicit permission from the guest (unless in the event of an emergency).

 Transient Occupancy


Guest acknowledges that this Agreement is expressly for transient occupancy of the Property and does not intend to make it their home or permanent residence. Guests are required to vacate the Property at the agreed upon check-out time.

 Agreement in Full


This Agreement is considered binding in full once a reservation is accepted, signed and the initial payment is made and approved.